Important Insulation Information on Garador Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

Posted by Marketing on August 27, 2013

Ashtons Garage Doors are very pleased to offer the latest in Insulated Sectional Garage Doors from Garador. Chris Averill, Managing Director of Ashtons Garage Doors, said that Garador's innovative approach to insulating garage doors means that garages no longer need to be the weakest link in an insulated home. Garador has taken their standard steel sectional doors and added premium insulation to provide insulated sectional garage doors at very competitive prices.


Ashtons firmly believe that the product Garador has chosen to insulate their garage door panels is the best one in the market.  Garador use a Graphite-Infused EPS (Polystyrene) insulator rather than a PIR (Polyurethane) foam product.

This EPS insulator has the same R-value (measure of thermal resistance) at the time of manufacturing that it does 20 years later.  In fact, EPS is documented as working better as conditions get colder.  It does not degrade or deteriorate over time and importantly does not give off gas like other foam products.

Each sectional door is insulated with graphite-infused EPS that is specifically cut for each door resulting in a fully insulated door with no gaps top or bottom.  With PIR foam, it can be difficult to control the complete and uniform filling of each door section, leaving air pockets.  This not only reduces its insulating qualities, but can lead to sections of the door becoming uneven as when the foam expands, it does so with high pressures, forcing the door out. 

The closed cell structure of EPS gives it outstanding resistance to moisture absorption.  This is critical because once insulation absorbs moisture, it actually conducts energy and the material quickly loses its R-value.  By resisting moisture and maintaining a constant R-value , EPS is an effective and realiable insulation material.

Graphite-infused EPS does not sustain a flame, it melts rather than burns.  Once the flame source is removed, the melting stops.

EPS does not utilise CFC, HCFC or Formaldehyde in its manufacturing process, so there is no potential for the release of harmful toxic chemicals over the life of the door.

EPS is odourless, non-toxic and can be readily recycled.

Garador steel sectional garage doors use hinges that provide greater surface contact with the garage door panel, allowing separation of the fixing screws.  This assists in combating the flexing nature of a sectional door during its operation and provides a much quieter garage door.

The Garador steel sectional garage doors have full height muntins with dedicated fixing points to ensure the strongest, most secure door possible.  Doors without full height muntins and fixing plates for the garage door opener have on occasions, resulted in the opening mechanism being pushed through the garage door. 

Check out details regarding the Garador Insulated Sectional Garage Door Series on this website.