Insulate your existing garage door to keep the warmth in and the noise out

Posted by Marketing on May 21, 2014

The leaves have well and truly started to fall and so have the temperatures.  Now is the time to insulate your garage door against the elements.  Ashtons Garage Doors specialises in retrospectively fitting insulation to your existing garage door.  This can be done quickly and efficiently on-site without having to remove the garage door. Because our technicians are experts in their field, your garage door warranty won't become void when insulation work is carried out.  Beware of cowboy operators who install insulation without checking garage door weight ratios first!

Ashtons use the very latest in premium quality, but well priced insulation material by Garador.  Silver-grey in colour, this unique product is EPS infused with graphite to further absorb infrared energy and reflect heat, providing around 20% better insulated performance than standard EPS.  This insulator has the same R-value (measure of thermal resistance) at the time of manufacturing that it does 20 years later.  It does not degrade or deteriorate over time and importantly, does not give off gas like other foam products.

This insulation is specifically cut for each garage door resulting in a fully insulated door with no gaps top or bottom. Please call any of our offices today to arrange for a free measure and quote or check out further insulation information on this website.