Architectural Garage Doors

Choosing from our Architectural garage door range ensures that the garage door becomes an integral part of your home's overall design. Available in a variety of exciting styles, materials and finishes, these doors don't just make a statement; they are a statement!



Residential Sectional Garage Door

 Nu-Wall Aluminium

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Aluminium Composite Sectional DoorAluminium Composite Sectional Door

The Aluminium Composite material used in the construction of these Ashton sectional garage doors was originally developed as a commercial cladding for buildings and high-rises.


The flat minimalist look of this style of door perfectly complements modern home architecture. Negative detail can be used to introduce bold lines to the door for a striking effect.


The panel is created by attaching the Aluminium Composite cladding to a 25x25mm galvanised box section welded steel frame. The frame make-up is based on what negative detail is required allowing freedom of design.


A sectional garage door is produced by hinging
a number of rigid panels together. These panels move vertically in the opening, then horizontally along the ceiling guided by tracks and counterbalanced with springs.


Ashton Garage Doors recommends that all sectional doors be installed with a proven reliable automatic garage door opener.