Flex-a-Door Garage Doors by Garador

The unique Garador Flex-A-Door® is the perfect alternative when you are looking to replace your existing tilt garage door, or in situations where you have restricted headroom in your garage or carport.


For over 50 years, the Garador Roller Door has been leading the way, and it has now been used to create a completely new garage door to overcome headroom and weather-tightness issues.


The Flex A-Door features the famous Garador Roll-A-Door® curtain, fitted on a curving track, so the curtain lifts from a vertical position up into a horizontal position, close to the ceiling – providing a clean, neat appearance on both the outside and inside.

A Flex-A-Door can be left open at any height for ventilation or pet access.  With a Flex-A-Door there is no large gap between the garage door and framing as it extends past the opening to effectively seal off the elements.  A deep cushioning weatherseal helps restrict the entry of water and leaves while taking care of slightly uneven floors - you can now keep the weather outside.


Size range:

Height - up to 2775mm
Width - 1200mm-3150mm




Features and Benefits



The Flex-A-Door will enhance the appearance of your home with a quality finish and colour options including:



Your Flex-A-Door will continue to be easy to open and close, with features such as:



The garage today is used to store many different valuable objects, and in some cases is converted into another room, so weather protection is an important feature of any garage door. Flex-A-Door features:





Safety should be a key consideration when selecting your garage door, as door failures can cause serious injury. The following safety features have been built in to your Flex-A-Door:



The Flex-A-Door includes additional security features for peace of mind, such as:



Your Flex-A-Door will continue to operate like new, with features such as:



Installation Clearances

Recommended Clearance Requirements:
Manual Headroom - 40mm
Headroom with opener - 70mm Minimum
Sideroom - 100mm Minimum
Drivethrough Height - Opening Height Less 40mm

Download the Flex-A-Door Specification Sheet




It's important to have peace of mind when you make a purchase, that's why your Garador Flex-A-Door comes with a:



Automatic door

Your Garador Flex-A-Door combines perfectly with the Garador GDO-11 opener.