Insulated Garage Doors

Garador Sectional Insulated Series

We know every home is different and every garage is used differently, so Garador has created the Insulated Series of Sectional Garage Doors to give you the choice should you wish to insulate your new Garador Sectional Door.

Garador have taken the most popular styles of sectional garage doors and added a sophisticated insulator used the world over. Silver-grey in colour, this unique product is EPS infused with graphite to further absorb infrared energy and reflect heat.  


Ashton's firmly believe that this unique insulation product is the best one in the market. Garador has chosen to use the Graphite-Infused EPS (Polystyrene) insulator rather than a PIR (Polyurethane) foam product.  This product does not deteriorate over time and importantly, does not give of gas like other products.

Each sectional door has the insulator specifically cut for every individual door resulting in a fully insulated door with no gaps top or bottom.   

Graphite-infused EPS does not sustain a flame, it melts rather than burns.  Once the flame source is removed, the melting stops.

EPS does not utilise CFC, HCFC or Formaldehyde in its manufacturing process, so there is no potential for the release of harmful toxic chemicals over the life of the door.

EPS is odourless, non-toxic and can be readily recycled.

Garador steel sectional garage doors use hinges that provide greater surface contact with the garage door panel, allowing separation of the fixing screws.  This assists in combating the flexing nature of a sectional door during its operation and provides a much quieter garage door.

Residential Sectional Insulated Garage Door




Interior view of insulated garage door