Ply & Batten Garage Doors


Ashton Ply & Cedar Batten Sectional Garage Doors are effectively a blank canvas. Firstly, choose the type of plywood required. This may match existing ply used on the house, or make the garage door a visual feature of the home.


Any number of cedar batten profiles and positions can then be used to create a truly unique garage door that will increase the street appeal of the home. It is common for the battens to be used to cover the ply and/or panel joins, however, Ashton's door construction method allows the joins to be left visible should the design require it.


The plywood cladding is attached to a 25x25mm galvanised box section welded steel frame. The battens are glued and then screwed to the ply from the back of the door.


Residential Sectional Garage Door



A sectional garage door is produced by hinging a number of rigid panels together. These panels move vertically in the opening, then horizontally along the ceiling guided by tracks and counterbalanced with springs.


Ashton Garage Doors recommends that all sectional doors be installed with a proven reliable automatic garage door opener.